Summer 2014 - ongoing

The bedford green project

We provide sandwiches, snacks, and beverages for the Bedford Green Project, which opened at the end of August for its first season of music and cinema showcases. Live acoustic music as well as cinema and music headphone events will all be presented in an intimate outdoor urban terrace. Instead of a traditional sound system, audiences will experience cinema and music concerts via personal headphones. These headphone events will provide a higher quality, more intimate and exclusive experience for showcasing the artist's works and inspirations. Learn more at the Bedford Green Project's website.

October 1, 2014

Ancient Ales beer dinner with dogfish head

Since 1999, Dogfish Head has worked closely with molecular archaeologist Dr. Patrick McGovern to bring ancient brewing history back to life. The resulting Ancient Ales transport modern beer connoisseurs to a time when brewers were unencumbered by purity laws, style rules and bottom lines.

Juniper berries, chai, cocoa nibs, ancho chilies, muscat grapes, saffron and honey are just some of the unique ingredients that flavor these Ancient Ales and make them perfect for food pairings.


  • Welcome Beer:

60 Minute IPA

  • First Course

Seared fresh hearts of palm, chocolate and chilies

Paired with-- Theobroma

  • Second Course

Chilled saffron vichyssoise, spicy fingerling potato chips

Paired with—Midas Touch

  • Third Course

King oyster mushroom in the style of a Swedish hot dog

Paired with—Kvasir

  • Fourth Course

Pie of shallot confit, chestnut, sunchoke, and smoked Vermont cheddar

Petite salade of frisée, hazelnut, and pomegranate

Vegan substitution of smoked cultured cashew cheese for cheddar

Paired with—Birra Etrusca

  • Dessert Course

Cookies and shortbreads with Sah’tea flavors

Paired with—Sah’tea

Visit Dogfish Head's website to read more about the Ancient Ales series.